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Friday, January 31, 2014

MAKING PLARN with my friend the YARDSNAKE

 Take your bags, lay them flat and fold them into fourths with the handle of the bag at the top and the end seal of the bags below.
 Slice the bottom off of the bag as neatly as you can as close as you can, so you have more loops later on.  You're going to need a lot of bags, and the logo will show as a distorted color once you are done.  If you are a neat freak, or a purist, figure out how to get rid of the logos, copyright laws, safety restrictions for children, company information and the gratitude marks by yourself.  Or the yard snake will eat you.
What you are looking for with plarn is even cuts that are about 1 and a quarter inch thick.  If you make these cuts to thin, your plarn will be weak.  If you make them inconsistently, your plarn will be bumpy.  If you make them thick, your plarn will be to large to work with in a way that is comfy.  If you spin your plarn with a drop spindle (some people make time for that step but you do not have to), you will not get good results if your loops are all weird.  What you want is even, consistent cuts that are about the same.  You want many, many loops.  Join the loops together with the larks head knot, aka. when you put loops through each other and pull slightly. Twenty bags make enough for a small ball of plarn to try to practice with.

 Ignore my foot in this picture.  Because the yard snake will eat you if you don't.

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