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Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Workflow

White Rose Scarflette

Fall Rose Necklace
Forget-Me-Knot Necklace
Baby Pumpkin Hat
Silver Cord Necklace

Monday, November 28, 2016

Odds N Ends

This Pattern rocks.  My Net Caps:


 Baby's Breath Medium CAPELET

Poppy Necklace

Net Gloves

Net tube: (make 2)

Row 1:  Chain 36 or a multiple of 3 sts to fit arm
Join with first chain to begin to crochet in rounds
Row 2:  Chain 5, skip next 2 chains and dc in next, Chain 2, skip next 2 sts, dc in next st) around, Chain 2 and slip stitch into 5 chain space
Row 3:  Chain 1, sc once in 5 chain space, Chain 5, *(dc in next 2 chain space) ,Chain 2, continue from * around, join with slip stitch into 5 chain space
Continue in pattern until length is reached.  Pictured, small-12 and large-30 rows long.  Count as you go so your gloves match.

Row 1:  Chain 7, sc in back loop across (6 sc)
Row 2:  Chain 1, sc in back loop across (6 sc)
Row 3-?: Repeat until you have a ridge for each 2 ch space
Final Row:  hold ends together and slip stitch to seam cuff

Join cuffs to net tubes with crocheted seam, hold pieces together, (slip st into cuff side and 2 ch space, ch 2) around, stay loose enough to allow the arm to go through, but tight enough to hold it snug

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

Skull Skully Hat

1)  Chain 4, sc in 4 blackloop only of each row.  Band should have 16 -20 rows depending on head size

2) Using white, join in band side, chain 3, skip next band hole, sc, chain 3, skip next hole, sc, chain 3, skip next hole, sc, chain 5, skip 2 holes, sc, chain 3 making second set of teeth for second skull, 4 teeth bumps each, then ch. 5 around.

SC in teeth bumps -> 3 in 5 space chains sc 5 times, around

3) Make Nose & Eye round:  Sc in first tooth sc, chain 6, for nose, 2 sc last tooth, make loop bump.  Around, 5 sc in 5 scs between skulls.

4)  In sc for first tooth, sc, chain 6, double crochet in top of chain 6 of nose, chain 6, sc in last 2 teeth, around

5)  Sc in scs, Eye loops -12 dc in each eye socket, around,

6) Repeat in pattern on top of each skull, stacking the skulls

7)  Decrease to 4 skulls at end, chain and stitch crown together

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Creative Sweater Repair

 These were the holes when I started.  They were chewed by my sisters pet mice years ago and I couldn't bring myself to throw such a nice cable sweater away.



 I cleaned the holes up by crocheting over the frayed parts with similar colored yarn.  Then I put some crochet flowers I made out of embroidery thread in the holes, and stitched the petals into the holes.

I also fixed the seam on the cuff...just held the sides together and back-stitched it like new.