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Friday, July 8, 2016

Skull Skully Hat

1)  Chain 4, sc in 4 blackloop only of each row.  Band should have 16 -20 rows depending on head size

2) Using white, join in band side, chain 3, skip next band hole, sc, chain 3, skip next hole, sc, chain 3, skip next hole, sc, chain 5, skip 2 holes, sc, chain 3 making second set of teeth for second skull, 4 teeth bumps each, then ch. 5 around.

SC in teeth bumps -> 3 in 5 space chains sc 5 times, around

3) Make Nose & Eye round:  Sc in first tooth sc, chain 6, for nose, 2 sc last tooth, make loop bump.  Around, 5 sc in 5 scs between skulls.

4)  In sc for first tooth, sc, chain 6, double crochet in top of chain 6 of nose, chain 6, sc in last 2 teeth, around

5)  Sc in scs, Eye loops -12 dc in each eye socket, around,

6) Repeat in pattern on top of each skull, stacking the skulls

7)  Decrease to 4 skulls at end, chain and stitch crown together

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