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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mushroom Day

You can't just live on crocheting alone.  Maisie does do other things.  I do like going out in the woods.  I like looking at mushrooms.  No, I don't eat the mushrooms I find.  But they are pretty amazing to find and see.  Here are some that I found walking through a pine forest. 

These are the most common ones you come across in that area.  They are very small, but deep red.

 The shelf fungus grows as large as dinner plates.

This coral mushroom is amazing to see in person.  I've seen pink ones, too, of the same kind.  They look like they belong in the ocean, not in a pine forest.

 Some jack o'lantern mushrooms.  They are good looking, nice shape.  The dots are bumps that stick out of the caps.

Very inspiring natural shapes.  Gets me 
feeling creative when I go mushroom-looking.