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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Different Types of Crafts Later

So, I'm still doing Crocodile Stitch.  Today I made these Fingerless Gloves:
On the left is the top, left hand.  The right is the underside of the right hand.  Addictive stitch, is all I can say.  Three dimensional stitches are like that for me.  Anyways, they are both the same.  I'm happy my work is coming out more consistently and I don't have to try so hard anymore.  This is acrylic yarn by Impeccable, and I've had pretty good luck with it in turn of stiffness and price.  Size G hook.

This is not an escapist activity.  You have to be mindful about it.  Someone once told me they could ignore a bomb going off while they knit (good for you).  Not me, though.  I actually care how it looks in the end.  Practice, practice.  I do skip around crafts all the time, but crochet continues to capture my imagination.  Knitting...I like, but it's slower.  Knitting would capture the paper pusher who told me she likes to "get away" from her life with it.  Crochet only puts me in tune with life.  (Knitting makes me frustrated).

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